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Thursday, May 30, 2024

More than 400 people enjoy the 18th edition of the Castle Route

More than 400 people have enjoyed this Saturday the three routes of the 18th popular march of the “Route of the Castles” which, unlike last year, has registered milder temperatures which has favored the participants to carry out the routes without complications due to the surroundings of the Mallos de Riglos, the castles of Loarre and Sarsamarcuello or the collegiate church of Bolea.

This was indicated by the secretary of the Os Andarines d’Aragón Club, Julián Ordovás, who highlighted the practical absence of significant incidents with “a somewhat lower registration” than in previous years during the three 11.7 kilometer routes, between Bolea and the Loarre Castle; the second, 20.25 kilometers between the Castillo de Loarre and Murillo de Gállego and a third, 31.3 kilometers between Bolea and the Castillo de Loarre, with the descent from the Clérigos ravine as one of the most spectacular moments of the day. The three rounds culminated with a popular meal at the Ayerbe sports hall.

“The march has gone very well because last year temperatures reached 34 degrees and this year everything went much better and the weather has been good and we hope it will continue like this in future years,” commented Ordovás.

In addition, the coordinated bus service has also operated, which allowed the transfers of the participants “as they are not circular routes”, as in the case of the medium route that allowed the participants to be transported to the Castillo de Loarre from Bolea and once in Murillo. from Gállego were transported to Ayerbe, explained the secretary of the Os Andarines d’Aragón Club,

Likewise, he thanked the collaboration of the Bolea Housewives Association and the mayor of La Sotonera, Maribel Bailo, for their collaboration in this 18th edition of the Ruta de los Castillos event in addition to the help provided by the La Hoya Region of Huesca and the Ayerbe City Council.

Un momento de la salida en la localidad de Bolea de la Ruta de los Castillos

A moment of the departure in the town of Bolea.S.E