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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Loarre hosts the poetry recital to benefit Aspace Huesca by José Luis Clemente and the quartet “Alla Rústica” National Award for Best Social Work

The renowned poet, novelist and essayist will recite accompanied by the string quartet at a cultural and charitable event on Saturday, June 22 at 8:00 p.m. in Plaza Miguel Moya in Loarre. A poetry recital that will be unforgettable.

The best poetry and solidarity go hand in hand this Saturday in Loarre. The poet José Luis Clemente will do a poetry recital accompanied by the string quartet “Alla Rústica”, recognized by the National Award for the Best Social and Cultural Work. Thus, they will carry out the recital on June 22 at 8:00 p.m. in the Plaza Miguel Moya of the aforementioned town of Hoya de Huesca. It is an event organized by the City Council of Loarre and whose entrance donation of €10 is for the benefit of the charitable association Aspace, which works caring for people with cerebral palsy.

José Luis Clemente is the author of poetry collections and anthologies such as “Poems of a Teenager Come to Less” (1978), “Behind the Night on the Left” (1980), “Platonic Hate” (1992), “Songs of Nonexistence” (1995), “Poets to the Slaughterhouse” (1996), “Poetic Village” (1997), “Distillation of Light (trilogy From Menorca)” (1999), among other more modern ones that will be used in the recital: “The Light on the Divan” (2008), “Poses and Posos” (2012) and “Sweet Suicides” (2017). Columnist and art critic for various newspapers and magazines, he has participated in a multitude of poetry recitals. His work, translated into several languages, has been set to music, published and appears in the repertoire of various performers. A traveller and unrepentant gourmet, he usually resides between Berlin and Palma de Mallorca where he collaborates with various photographers and visual artists.

“Alla Rústica” is a string quartet formed by professional Aragonese instrumentalists who carry out an intense orchestral, chamber and teaching activity throughout Aragon, and have been awarded the National Prize for the best social work in 2005 for the educational concert cycle “Música de cerca”. At the same time, its members are part of or have been part of important orchestras such as the Enigma group (chamber orchestra of the Zaragoza Auditorium), the Zaragoza Symphony Orchestra, the Musicians of His Highness the Camerata Cecilia Orchestra, the Lyrical Camerata of Spain or the Pau Orchestra. The quartet will feature Pedro Beltrán on viola, Adoración Sánchez on first violin, Hugo Beltrán on second violin, and Jorge Marco on cello. “Alla Rústica” is considered the best Aragonese group in music performances, according to the Aragonese Network of Performing Spaces.

Donation tickets can be purchased both online and in person from one hour before the start of the recital. This recital is organized by the Loarre City Council, and has the collaboration of the Loarre Library, BTKE Editions, BTKE Fundation, Casa Lobarre, the Loarre Culture and Festivals Commission and the Loarre Hostel.

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